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Anachronistic Much?

Surely by now with reality shows such as MAFS and Love Island, it is clear that women are no longer willing to settle for the sake of a ring on the finger or that “sense of security.” As a matter a fact, I would go as far to say, that most women make a bee line for uni before embarking on an amazing career; be that of an influencer or lawyer, either one will allow her to grow and become the independent soul that many of us long to be.

Which is why it fascinates me that society including the so called “developed” world, still underestimates a woman’s desire for freedom and choice. The thought came up once again after watching the popular Netflix series Inventing Anna. I couldn’t help but notice it is mentioned numerous times that she never really had a love interest, that she only dated one guy, that she hasn’t been linked romantically to anyone in the high - end New York circles she infiltrated with her genius. Why I ask, in 2022 is that so hard to believe?

Yet if Anna was a man, it would be expected that he would have had a string of girls to go with his image of wealth and royalty. No expectation of a ring on the finger to “tie him down.” So yes, it fascinates me that still, in this day and age, that women are expected to just want to meet someone rich and settle down. Find someone to “take care of them” and be content, have kids “before it is too late.” I beg the question, too late for what? Does happiness always end with the happy ever after and a couple of kids? Surely by now the days of narratives like All About Eve where Margo only finds true happiness with her beloved and the ending of her career, but its ok because she is getting married; and isn’t that what all little girls dream of? It seems we are still stuck in 1950, forcing anachronistic views onto new generations.

Girls can say and do as they please, so long as it fits in with the social expectations constantly imposed on them. Irrelevant of country or how developed it claims to be.


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