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Busy Bees

“I’m so busy” was the most used line of 2013. Everywhere I went I heard these words used as a symbol of importance. These 3 words seemed to indicate you are popular, talented, desired and demanded upon regularly, to the point, you are just simply too busy to make plans or be available. I overheard these 3 little words in conversations around Melbourne, that I started to wonder what people were so busy doing. Turns out, they were busy going to Pilates, walking the dog, meeting for coffee, brunch, lunch and dinners, going to the theatre and planning fancy holidays away to “destress”.

Then there are the corporate Busy Bees, that actually are busy. The truth is, they work ridiculous hours to prove they are actually doing something, which may involve numerous meetings followed by numerous almond milk cafe lattes and a red wine in the evening to come off the caffeine high. Some Busy Bees may attempt to maintain a work life balance. This involves going to the gym or a yoga class after a ridiculously long day, to prove to themselves they can do it all. Until, they lose contact with friends, anxiety builds up and they don’t know why. So now, it is time to find time for a psychologist. Let’s pay someone to state the obvious “you’re doing too much”. But now, you are superman or woman and want the job promotion to prove to everyone just how fabulous you really are and that you can do it… all. Turns out you can’t, but it did sound good for a while there.

So why does everyone want to be seen as sooooo busy? Well, turns out the trend of being busy has slowly died off over the last few years as people have realised, the illnesses caused by the stress of being over worked and busy, cannot always be cured by a cream or the flick of a tablet followed down by a healthy glass of water. Unfortunately, it is not only here in this little bustling city of Melbourne, that people feel the need to prove just how fabulous they really are. Striving towards being “their best self” unfortunately ended with a hefty therapy bill and a plant based diet to reset the body to its original glory.


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