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Endless Options to Choose

The era of options. The speed of choice. The two have merged into delivery apps where we literally scroll through the most popular selections before ordering in to watch a film of our choice on Netflix, Stan or Foxtel. Maybe it’s all three, just to ensure you don’t suffer from FOMO.

Albeit, choice has also infiltrated its way into our social lives including our friendships. We cannot commit to a movie, dinner or catch up at a festival, just in case a better option is available. Yet, the average Melbournian must have a range of social events they “might” attend, to ensure they maintain the façade of being busy. Starting to sound complex? It’s a bit like this, we want to be social and make the most of our precious time; but, with the freedom of choice to choose the coolest outing with the most desirable friends. To do so, one must leave their options open and create a line of back up invites before actually making a commitment to one. This may sound superficial; and that’s because it is. However, it is also the natural progression of the ever evolving social interaction, alongside a technical world, where choice has become marketable.

Not surprisingly, marketing and choice has also managed to infiltrate the world of dating. While it is arguable we market ourselves when we go to a job interview, or to meet someone on a first date, the way we choose to market ourselves has progressed. Only now, we have more choice on how and where we present ourselves. Whether it be LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or one of the many dating apps. With each app we have the ability to choose who we connect with and the number of connections we make. Any dating app allows a person to be having multiple conversations with multiple singles, until a choice is made and action is taken to pursue the most desirable single. But rest assure, if your most desirable turns out to be nothing like how they marketed themselves and is a complete dud, then you have the list of backup’s to fall back on. Only now, you may start to question your own ability to make good choices. Never fear, I am sure there is an app that can help you with that too ;)


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