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How to be a woman

Howls and whistles, not from the warm summer breeze the beckons you to the streets to enjoy her balmy embrace.

Howls and whistles, not from the night sky that glitters with stars or the moon light that guides you to your destination.

Nature’s howls and whistles don’t sound like that.

Howls and whistles from the mob of men that prowl the street, knowing they dominate the path with their presence. Simply by being there.

Howls and whistles from the mob that have lost all sense of individuality and have become one. No longer an individual with individual thoughts and individual values. Together they have become one mob with the intention to intimidate and sexualise the young, before they even understand what sexualise means.

How to be a woman is thrust upon the young before they are even ready to be one. Soon as a young girl develops what society deems as womanly features she might as well say goodbye to her childhood innocence and prepare for what will be.

The nameless mob made up of individuals with no strength and no self-awareness. Just the bestial desire for noise and attention.

The lone child’s wander turns to a fast pass to avoid the howls and whistles that when ignored turn into a tirade of verbal abuse. Verbal abuse for what?

For ignoring the mob’s demand for attention.

Strangers pass by and say nothing. Cars drive by and watch from the safety within. The mob knows the power it holds and pervades over the individual.

The child, no longer a child puts her head down and pretends to ignore what everyone can hear. All because she has started to look like a woman.


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