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Roaming Rona

After building up a sufficient social life acceptable by Melbourne standards, it was time to readjust. Not by choice, but by necessity. Rona is that guest that overstays their welcome. You want them to leave, but not quite sure how to tell them or get the message across without being offensive. We have all been there. Let’s face it, guests are like fish, after 3 days it starts to get a little…off to be honest. Rona is that fish.

The first couple of weeks it was almost like a novelty. Watching the media have a field day with something to focus on. Like many events in the world, Australians watch from a distance, with the reassurance that the isolated island a million miles from anywhere and everywhere will protect us. But not this time.

This time, many failed to watch and learn from Italy and the rest of Europe, just how quickly Rona can move without even being noticed. She can rock up at your house or favourite café, completely undetected. Sociable little thing this Rona. But nasty at the best of times. Could really leave a lasting sting, or simply make others uncomfortable. Either way, Rona was never welcomed, but she stuck like glue and refused to go away. So, we had no choice, but to go into hiding from her, which meant doing the unthinkable. Giving up our social life as we know it.

But the resilient Melbournians have been quick to adjust. So, while the rest of Australia made jokes and saw Victorians like the zombie land of an apocalypse. I saw what makes us so much more awesome. Yep I said it! We’re awesome.

Without a doubt there has been heartache and heartbreak as a consequence of Roaming Rona. But equally, there has also been the opportunity to reconnect and discover ourselves without the noise of the outside world. Especially for teenagers. While many are represented as depressed and lonely, there are many that have enjoyed a break from adolescence. A break from over thinking what to wear, when to wear it and how to wear it. Who to sit with, who to talk to and how to talk; and more importantly, will anyone talk to me? The anxieties that come with being a teenager are none I care to relive any time soon. In some ways, Rona gave these anxious teens the break they needed to survive the next few years of high school.

Of course, it would be rude to ignore the hardship that Roaming Rona has caused small businesses. However, she has given that little push that some people might need to make that career change or quit that job you hated anyway, to embark on something new and exciting.

While Roaming Rona was never welcome and is slowly getting the message, she did help us discover who our true friends are. Rediscover some old passions we never had time for, because we were simply “too busy” and most importantly, remember what makes living in Melbourne so awesome.


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