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Rosie's View... From The Sky

Months of planning, packing and of course procrastinating during a pandemic, finally lead to the international move of a lifetime. Moving halfway across the world from old Blighty was never going to be uneventful, but during a lockdown that restricted travel of any sort, well, that is another experience all together!

While the excitement and anticipation of a new life was calling, it was not all fun and games. Moving during a pandemic also meant I could not spend those precious last moments with friends and family as I had anticipated. All this alongside the uncertainty that surrounded leaving the familiar streets of London, where I have lived my entire life. This move seemed so normal for a jet setter like myself, until it happened at a time when things were anything but normal.

I waved goodbye to the only two guys permitted anywhere near me. They had spent hours packing my worldly goods into suitable boxes behind the safety of a face mask. Meanwhile, I packed myself two heavy suitcases full of my most precious belongings. As London was about to be plunged back into Lockdown 2.0, I took to the sky.

Travelling has always been second nature to me. From far flung places like Cambodia, Peru, Cuba to Russia, South Africa and too many more to mention. In recent years I have bounced around Europe like a yo-yo. Almost every month I was somewhere new. I have to admit, I took the freedom and privilege of my international lifestyle for granted.

In 2020 travel has never looked so different. Airports are empty. Check in is swift and only 2 people on the flight; if I include the cabin crew. Leaving a grand total of 4! When the pilot announced that cabin crew should prepare for take off, I turned around to nothingness. I couldn’t help but take the opportunity to capture the empty seats. It was quite surreal.

Previously, the idea of an empty plane seemed like heaven. I can’t pretend the anxiety that comes with being surrounded by potential Covid carry passengers for 7 hours didn’t bother me. But, the eeriest part of the whole experience was the actual fact that nobody is able to travel. All the way from London to New York, the empty plane was a clear reminder of the new world we are living in.

Travel has changed and will continue to change and adapt as humans always do. It will, I am sure, return to what it once was, but for now the view is very different.

I landed in the USA to a new city and an election that has given hope to millions of Americans for a better future. There is now a new President and a new journey for the citizens, which no doubt has provided a new view of America for millions around the world, once again.

As for me, I think I’ll stick to land and the good old American road trips!

Specialising in mens health, Rosie Krneta is the director of a non profit organisation called Ballboys. Born and raised in London, Rosie shares her experience of making the move during a pandemic to Charlotte North Carolina.


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