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So what’s it all mean?

After looking at the significance of dates and resolutions and the fabricated hope that it all brings, one must not forget the stress and expectations of acknowledging the actual thing.

Celebrating New Year usually means there is this nagging feeling among people that they ought to be out doing something, kind of akin to fear of missing out. So many mediocre plans just to be included in the so-called largest party of the year. Paying triple the usual amount to go to a bar that is normally free. To be squished into a room full of strangers you will never see again, to simply say cheers and those three little words “Happy New Year!” and there, you did something.

But this year was different. Despite the high expectations, 2021 had a strange feeling hanging in the air; nothing tangible, but it could be felt. It was like there was more to reflect on and more to be grateful for, that we may not have recognised before as little blessings.

According to London, the land of lockdown, people hung out in their homely flats with housemates and maybe a brother-in-law or two from the flat above. Finding comfort and friendship in those nearest to us, helped avoid the expectation to attend overpriced events in the city that never stops moving.

Friends in Hawaii retreated to the hills for some nature loving hikes. Due to its dependence on tourism, Hawaii was said to be the hardest hit for unemployment last year. However, the views and scenery that always warm the heart and enlighten the soul, kept minds occupied and filled with optimism. Nature’s gorgeous greenery does that sometimes.

In Kenya some were on leave from their medical duties, but no clock or changing of years stops the need for doctors and nurses that are always on call. Meaning, my dear friend continued to give assistance to those in her community. The role and need of medical staff certainly has taken on a whole new meaning and level of respect around the world. Meaning, I hope lasts. Respect that I hope is not forgotten.


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