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That Summer Feeling

Another Year rolls on in and it seems some people are starting to realise life goes on. Bit of a cliché, but ever so true in our current climate.

Babies are being made and born while others plan. The rest of us look forward to being a year closer to a new normal and regaining some level of interaction. However, it is still without a doubt that the semblance of Gilead hovering over our city is what leaves the average Melburnian an uneasy feeling, while trying to enjoy the fireworks … if you could see them! A bit like trying to see an end to the lockdowns and restrictions that our almighty premier reigns control over. It’s there being talked about constantly, but ya just can’t see it.

Oh well, moving on and persevering anyway, cause that’s what we do. There is no other choice, unless you're one of the many people that sold up and moved to QLD or returned to your home abroad that has 180,000 cases a day. It was still the better choice than to be stuck in another lockdown. Or maybe you are one of the thousands of people that joined the covid queue for a couple of hours just so you could cross the border. Freedom of choice or at least the feeling of having a choice, became more important than whether the morning latte was hot enough or used the right milk. That was until Djokovic came along.

Good old Djokovic came just in time to remind us, the government does have absolute control and that feeling of freedom to travel across borders to visit loved ones, was just the new summer feeling. Pro vaccination or not, what was always valued was choice, the freedom to choose without punishment. I sincerely hope this is the closest we come to having our decisions made for us and choices being used against us.

May friendships survive the vac or not to vac conversations beyond the summer festivities; and people regain trust in the literature they read; and can have healthy debates that widen our minds on the world; and discuss how we came to experience a worldwide pandemic, that still did not unite the human race.


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