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Winding Hills & Wineries

A feeling of decadence comes over us as we turn into the tree lined driveway, coupled with manicured gardens leading to a historical building with a story of its own. Dusted and restored to create a sense of otherness in a world that is far removed from the urban hustle and bustle. The slowing down begins with the walk to a grand entrance, before the pouring of wine in small portions in their own distinct glass. All to remind us, this is not alcohol to aid some kind of escapism, this is a beautifully crafted drink that has emerged from the carefully planted, nourished and picked grapes that are cultivated into something to be savoured and appreciated.

Wineries are no longer reserved for the pleasure of self-proclaimed connoisseurs; they have become something else. A setting for all eyes to feast on.

Owners will now welcome anyone who can appreciate the love and care dedicated to the labour of love that is mandatory to grow a vineyard worth visiting, which is a far cry from the world that runs on apps and fast-food delivery. They have become a treat for the weary worker looking to reward oneself. Alcohol is no longer the escape; it is the winery itself.

So, where and when did the ritual of wineries begin? The ritual of wine itself dates back as far as 6000 BC, more so for religious rituals. Nevertheless, the ritual of drinking wine is still carried out today, only it is in the form of evening drinks and weekend winery getaways.

While in ancient times people climbed high and low to collect the best berries and grapes for production, the earliest examples of agriculture wine was in Armenia in approximately 4000 BC. This is where steady production began on a large scale; however, the festivities and culture of celebrating wine is said to have started in Greece. It is also in Greece where the first names were given to wine. The labelling of wine has carried on around the world using the common language of flavours and scents exclusive to wine lovers.

Whilst France, Spain and Italy are known to appreciate the art and craft of wine, the production and exportation on a large scale all began with the Greeks. From Georgia to Armenia to Greece to Egypt and so on, good wine has been found in Australia too, albeit many a century later. Despite the beauties of the Yarra Valley in Victoria and the famous labels found in the Hunter Valley, NSW and Barossa in S.A, it is in the humble hills of Adelaide that I have found my favourite wines with “lifted aromas of grapefruit and vibrant tropical fruit flavours to lift the palate” and “elegant aromas of floral and a hint of spice” with a cheeky label to boot.

Despite what you may hear about the tiny yet quant city of Adelaide, it is worth the visit. We may have missed the beautiful beaches this time, but the winding hills of Adelaide did not disappoint as we journeyed into our own little escape of decadence for the weekend.


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