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The Label

Fag, slut, whore and more. All designed to insult and strategically place individuals where the mob feel comfortable, before these young ones are old enough to figure out they don’t care what others think. Strike em while they are impressionable little fledglings. Don’t give them time to be introspective or reflective, let the world and a bunch of other insignificants decide who and what they are.

Success is not only about academic ability where you score an A* on every test, get into the choicest university so later on you can impress your peers. Winning the game of life has become so much more than that now. It’s about overcoming what others expect you to be and living up to your true self. This requires a great amount of self-confidence, which is made easier when you have reassurance from the finest friends around. And let’s face it, they are far and few between when it boils down to the true nature of friendship… whatever that may mean to you.

Love her or hate her, the Kim Kardashians of the world have led the way to rising above some of these designer labels. Invented by old, outdated men to strategically place women in a holding spot. While the world places a woman’s value on her beauty, it also vilifies her if she capitalises on what is rightfully hers. Kim K was exposed and critiqued with the assumption she would shy away from the camera and die a thousand deaths of embarrassment. Sorry guys, not in this generation. The woman has proven that women are sexual beings, that beauty and femininity is nothing to be ashamed of. Despite the labels shed upon her, Kim K has retained her self worth and risen above the descriptions that aimed to shame and suppress, making them redundant and immature. Beyond that, this little genius has even given guest appearances at tech conferences and is now recognised as one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. Clearly, it will take more than a stolen sex tape to silence an intelligent woman these days.

These women have paved the way for the next generation. Revealing that women are both sexual and intelligent beings capable of using their brains and beauty. Even after men have tried to expose and capitalise on their name.

The truth is, the famous reality star among others, are incredibly resilient and serve as positive role models for those struggling against any unwanted label. Until all women rise above the labels that they and others use as a weapon, women will struggle to reach their full potential. It is time to stop looking for reasons to judge; and start looking for reasons to raise each other.


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